Edit Your Life with Christine Koh

christinekoh-bykristinchalmers-1We are beyond excited to announce that we’re working on Christine Koh, otherwise known as the founder of Boston Mamas and host of the amazing podcast Edit Your Life, on making family-friendly additions to our Add-On Marketplace that make life easier while keeping it delicious. Christine is a busy mama to two, entrepreneur and foodie so we jumped at the chance to get her input on which Add-Ons would make her and her readers’ lives easier while keeping things local, high-quality and most importantly, tasty! Keep an eye out on the Just Add Cooking Add-Ons for special Boston Mamas approved picks from Christine!

In the meantime, Christine’s stopping by the blog to share her top tips on editing life down to what’s important and clearing the physical and mental “clutter” we all experience. Here’s her advice on editing your… 

Morning Routine (with kids!)

Our mornings are shockingly smooth in the sense that my kids don’t fight their way out the door. That’s partly due to their dispositions, I suppose, but there are a few tactical things I recommend that definitely help! First, my kids choose their clothes for the next school day the night before. This completely eliminates wardrobe meltdowns or “I don’t have any clean underwear!” crises. Second, we always pack lunches the night before. My middle schooler Laurel is out the door by 7am (yes, 7am!) so it reduces morning stress to take care of lunches the night before. And third, we have a predictable stable of breakfast options on hand. For breakfast we generally always have on hand: bananas, peanut butter, green smoothie, and some kind of carb (e.g., bagels, raisin toast, wheat bread, cereal). Developing a simple morning routine with your kids is so great because eventually your kids will get in the groove and be independent. Laurel gets herself ready for the day totally independently, while I just sit there sleepily chatting with her with my coffee, trying to wake up!

Homework time

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I have one immediate tip and one long-game tip, both related. Most immediately — and this may sound contrary to drilling on homework! — build downtime into your after-school, pre-homework routine. The school day can be stressful for kids in different ways, including just the general stress of being “on” all day. So down time really is essential in order for kids to be able to focus on their homework. And for the long-game tip, like the mornings, develop a simple after-school routine. The ultimate goal is that your kids take ownership of getting their homework done (read: edit out the nagging and reminders on your side!). Our routine after school is as follows = empty lunchbox containers into the sink (Laurel even washes her containers!), put school notices or papers requiring signatures on our kitchen console, wash hands, have a snack, relax, and chat about the day, and then get homework done so we can enjoy some relaxed family time in the evening.   

Maintaining friendships and a social life in a busy life


Between the different professional hats I wear, I have a lot of work commitments so it’s very tempting to hide and hibernate the rest of the time! But I’ve found that when life is busy with work things, purely social touchpoints are even more important and nurturing. For me, it’s all about putting things on the calendar and it’s helpful if there is even vaguely any structure around it. For example, my Mom and I have a standing arrangement to meet for lunch the first Tuesday of every month. Sometimes the date gets pushed around a little but it’s on my to-do list to check in with her about it before that first Tuesday. Another helpful tactic is not letting the friend moments slide by. For example, it’s common to bump into a friend on the playground or in town and say, “Oh, we should get together!” and then just let it slide, but lately I’ve been like, “OK, let’s toss a tentative date in the calendar now!” Or if it’s a group of people we’re trying to get together, I’ll start a text thread immediately to get the planning train rolling. 

Meal planning


OK, so I love to cook but I’m not always the best about meal planning, in terms of figuring out a specific meal for every day of the week, but one idea I picked up from my Edit Your Life co-host Asha Dornfest is that even just loosely identifying a few anchors totally counts as meal planning. It’s pretty funny, we were talking about meal planning just a few weeks ago at dinner and my 6-year-old Violet made this hilarious menu. It’s admittedly not the most nutritionally well-balanced menu, but Meatball Monday is actually a thing around here (either rolled up in flatbread or with brown rice and vegetables) and I am game for tacos any day of the week! And actually, totally relevant to Just Add Cooking, the weeks we order a box are like a magical food unicorn showing up. We typically order a 3-meal box since we usually have evening commitments to work around, and BOOM, half the week is planned! The week our latest box arrived, I wasn’t able to cook the first meal until Tuesday and on Monday I said to Laurel, “Man, I’m bummed I can’t cook dinner until tomorrow!” I’m fairly certain those are words no mom has ever utttered before!

Lunch packing

As I mentioned earlier, neither of my kids have ever purchased school lunch. And both of them have needed packed lunch since babyhood when they were in daycare so we are talking about, collectively, 19 years of packed lunches! So, part of editing out the lunch crazy involves: 1) flipping dinner leftovers into lunches (so, sometimes our dinner menu planning is based around this), and 2) having the kids help pack lunches, because lunch making should not just be on the shoulders of one person in the household! 

Developing healthy food habits


When it comes to food, in our house it comes down to balance and moderation. We always have lots of produce in our house because vegetables or fruit are pretty much always on a plate to balance out other items. And moderation is key because my kids and I love to bake. I mean, really love to bake! We are the crazy people who actually do things like make yule logs and ombre cakes! So we have to keep a check on the sweets both for general health and also so my pants will continue to fit! And I have two specific recommendations for families and developing healthy food habits. First, just relax and keep presenting when it comes to the vegetable situation. At some point I decided that my job was not to force my kids to choke down vegetables, but to keep encouraging them and putting it on their plate. Both Laurel and Violet were laser focused on carbs and cheese as toddlers and preschoolers and pretty routinely rejected vegetables, but I just kept putting options out and inviting them to try things. At 13, Laurel now eats everything (and was a vegetarian for 4 years), and at 6, Violet (who was even more stubborn with her resistance to anything other than macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese) will routinely eat carrots, cucumbers, peas, and corn and will try more and more vegetables and other dishes, even if it’s just a tepid taste here or there. My second recommendation is to get your kids in the kitchen! I have had my kids in the kitchen with me every since toddlerhood, mostly because I get so bored playing on the floor with dolls or whatever — it’s just not my thing! Cooking and baking are awesome; it’s a sensory activity, it involves math and science, there’s a tasty result at the end, and kids are more likely to try things if they have had a hand in making it. Laurel has truly become a peer in the kitchen and she loves throwing down a gorgeous dinner. My mind was pretty blown when she made these shrimp adobo tacos with grapefruit jicama salad + herb rolls! 

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle


For a long time my fitness was very solitary. I would swim or run, and while those activities are awesome, my greatest joy these days is being active as a family. Family hikes have always been a favorite, but a couple of years ago we started skiing as a family, and it’s been so fun to do something where we all started as beginners! And last summer Jon, Laurel, and I started playing tennis while Violet would ride her bike around on the other empty courts. Just the other week when the weather turned gorgeous in Boston, Laurel and I laced up our sneakers and ran/walk alongside Violet while she rode her bike. We’re not particularly skilled at the newer activities like skiing and tennis, but we get out there and we laugh a lot!

More About Christine

Christine Koh is a music and brain neuroscientist turned Internet unicorn. She spent a decade in academia – during which time she was awarded prestigious fellowships from the National Institutes of Health to fund her Ph.D. (Queen’s University) and joint-appointment postdoctoral fellowship (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and MIT) and was about to become a professor when she decided to hang up her academic spurs in favor of more flexible and independent ventures. Christine is an award-winning blogger (Boston Mamas), author (Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less), podcaster (Edit Your Life), creative director (Women Online), and advocacy apparel designer (Brave New World Designs). Christine has received repeated Iris Award nominations for her creative work: In 2014 work resulting from Minimalist Parenting was nominated in the Game Changer + Philanthropic Work categories. In 2016 Edit Your Life was nominated for Best Parenting Podcast and Christine’s lifestyle solutions video series was nominated for Best Parenting Vlog. In 2017, influencer campaigns Christine designed were nominated for Philanthropic Work (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and Best Sponsored Content (Heifer International), and Edit Your Life won Podcast of the Year.


Help Decide What’s Next for the Add-On Marketplace!


We’ve recently begun offering our customers an Add-On Marketplace, full of local grab ‘n go items, snacks, fresh fruits and veggies, sides and more to help you solve meals all week long! These items can be added to your meal kit order, and we want to know which local items YOU would like to see next. Take our 5-minute survey to add your voice, and we’ll send you a $5 gift to be used in the Marketplace next time you order!

Family-Friendly Recipes for the Weeknight Crunch

If you’re a parent, you know how crazy the weeknight crunch can be. No matter how much pre-planning or prep you do, there’s always that rush to get dinner on the table, all the while a distant voice in your mind reminding you that you’re supposed to be developing your kids’ palates, feeding them new foods, making their meals well-rounded. Ack!

But there are solutions beyond just scouting what’s organic in the freezer. (No judgement there, we all do it!). We’re rounding up some of our top family friendly recipes today to help get you through the weeknight crunch. These recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less and feature kid-friendly ingredients but also help you to stretch their palates and combat weeknight boredom.

(Of course, if having ingredients on hand is an issue too, we’re always happy to help. Our weekly meal kits provide a variety of family-friendly meals and we deliver all the local ingredients to you. Check out this week’s menu here.)


Black Bean Nachos

Your kids will freak when you tell them you’re serving them crunchy nachos for dinner! This is delicious and vegetarian, sneaking in protein with black beans and some veggies. Leave off the pickled jalapenos if your kids aren’t into spicy (or serve them on the side).


Cauliflower Flatbread

Can’t go wrong with pizza night! Up the healthy factor with a cauliflower crust – it’s surprisingly easy to make with our instructions. We top with a traditional fresh mozzarella, tomato and pesto combo but you can add anything your kids like.


Flank Steak & Cheddar Grits

Yummy steak and creamy, cheesy grits on the side? It might be a little off the beaten path of a traditional weeknight meal but with plenty of familiar flavors this one will please everyone. There’s a reason why it’s one of our top-rated recipes!


Lemon Chicken Naanwich

Lemon and garlic chicken is always a winner for everyone in the family. Make it extra-fun by using naan, a traditional Indian bread, instead of a wrap or pita. Delicious, well-rounded and can be eaten with minimum utensils–can’t go wrong with that!


Meatballs with Thai Dipping Sauce

If there’s one thing we know about kids it’s that they love to dip. Plus dipping sauces give picky eaters the chance to branch out to new flavors without fully committing. The beef meatballs are familiar and the Thai dipping sauce spices things up for the more adventurous.


Quinoa Mac ‘n Cheese

This healthy and gluten-free take on an American classic is an instant crowd-pleaser. Cheesy sauce joins some veggies and protein-packed quinoa to fill up without weighing down.


Moo-Shu Pork Tacos

Many kids will eat anything wrapped in a tortilla, especially when they can top it themselves, so our Moo-Shu Pork Tacos are a perfect opportunity to introduce a new dish in a way that’s ultimately familiar. Plus, it is de-lic-ious!


Roast Pork & Apples with Curry Polenta

Familiar pork paired with sweet apples ensures everyone at the table gets a bite they like, and for those who want to get a little crazy with their sides, a curry polenta provides an other-wordly adventure!


Shrimp & Creamy Orzo

With creamy orzo spiked with parmesan, this dish is a great way to draw everyone in with comfort food punctuated with healthy shrimp and peas.


Spinach Fettucine Alfredo

If you wince giving the kiddos creamy, cheesy pasta, this is a great balance of nutrient-packed spinach and the familiar alfredo dish they love.


Soup Solutions!

Winter is here and with it comes cold and flu season–a particularly bad one this year. We all gravitate towards a nice hot bowl of soup or broth when we’re under the weather, but why? Well, turns out that aside from soup’s warming and comforting factors, there is some evidence out there that chicken soup helps to treat the symptoms of a cold.

Studies have suggested that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease upper respiratory infections, while other studies have shown that the aroma, spices and heat from the soup can help clear your sinuses.

While the medicinal benefits of soup are up for debate, its health benefits aren’t. Soup provides a nutrient dense and healthful way of getting a meal in, especially when your body isn’t up for eating anything too hearty.

Not feeling great or just craving a warm bowl of soup? Just Add Cooking to the rescue!

You can check out our Add-On Marketplace, accessed via your Just Add Cooking Meal Planner, to find soup kits that make chicken or veggie soup quick and easy to throw together, along with a variety of healing bone broths from local purveyor Five Way Foods. Jonesing for a soup fix? Check out some of our favorite soup recipes!


Avgolemono Soup

Put a little Greek into your chicken soup recipe. Avgolemono means “egg-lemon” sauce in Greek, thickened with egg and flavored with lemon. This Mediterranean take on chicken soup features chicken and orzo and is seasoned with dill.

Get the recipe here.


Chicken Tortilla Soup

Get a little spice in your cold and flu remedy with delicious chicken tortilla soup. It’s a lovely combination of cumin, chili, coriander, garlic and Mexican oregano for a flavorful and hearty soup.

Get the Recipe Here


Italian Wedding Soup

This comforting recipe has pork meatballs, savory chicken broth and hearty kale that’s sure to warm you up on these cold winter nights!

Get the Recipe Here


Tomato Soup (with Grilled Cheese)

Nothing says comfort like soup and a grilled cheese! We’ve got a recipe for a delicious and simple tomato soup with a yummy grilled cheese on the side.

Get the Recipe Here


Turkey Lion’s Head Meatball Soup

This soup’s unusual name is derived from the meatball’s shape, which resembles the head of a lion. We’ve created a recipe with lighter turkey meatballs and added earthy mushrooms and bok choy. Slightly sweet, savory and hearty, this is a perfect take on comfort food soup!

Get the Recipe Here

Just Add Cooking Add-On Marketplace


Just Add Cooking has introduced an Add-On Marketplace! Check out our curated selection of delicious local products, from veggies and proteins to quick lunch or dinner kits and pantry staples. You can order your Add-Ons when you select your recipes right in your Just Add Cooking Meal Planner.

Here’s the current selection:

dscf9374-2 dscf9195
Breakfast / Snack Pack
88 Acres Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar,
Green Mountain Creamery Greek yogurt,
Carlson Orchards Apples
FreshZen & Salmon Kit
10 0z salmon, 1/2 cup FreshZen Ginger Scallion Sauce, 16 oz broccoli florets
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88 Acres Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar
88 Acres Apple & Ginger Bar
dscf9315-2 dscf9310-2
88 Acres Triple Berry Bar
Green Mountain Greek Yogurt
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Vegetable Soup Kit
16 oz vegetable broth, 1/4 cup orzo,
diced vegetables
Chicken Soup Kit
10 oz chicken breast, 16 oz chicken broth,
1/4 cup orzo, diced vegetables
cauliflower broccoli
Cauliflower Florets
Broccoli Florets
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Five Way Foods Vegetable Broth
Five Way Foods Fish Broth
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Five Way Foods Chicken Broth
FreshZen Ginger Scallion Sauce
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Pain D’Avignon Multigrain Bread
Pain D’Avignon Sourdough Bread
dscf8907-2 vbc-butter
Stone and Skillet English Muffins
Vermont Creamery Butter
dscf8933-2 1dscf8902
North Country Smokehouse Bacon
Pete & Gerry’s Certified Organic Eggs
dscf8747 broccoli
Sweet Potato Fries
Broccoli Florets
kinnealy-meat-pork-chop kinnealy-meat-chicken-breast
Coleman Natural,GMO & Antibiotic Free Pork
Allen Family Farms All-Natural,
GMO & Antibiotic Free Chicken Breast
kinnealy-meat-ground-beef reds-best-salmon
Niman Ranch All-Natural, GMO & Antibiotic Free Ground Beef
Red’s Best Maine Raised Salmon

Order Your Add-Ons Through Your Meal Planner Now!

Add-On Marketplace is now integrated into the Meal Planner!


At Just Add Cooking, we’re all about convenience. That’s why we’ve integrated the Add-On Marketplace into our Meal Planner. It’s now easy to select local Add-On items like sides, sauces, proteins, soup kits and more. Just check out your options when you’re planning your weekly menu and pick anything you’d like delivered along with your meals!

Important: In this version of the marketplace the totals for the meals and the add-ons are still calculated separately and there will be two separate charges on your card. We will continue to work hard to improve this functionality further!

This week, we’re excited to bring a local sauce to our Add-On Marketplace. Ginger Scallion Sauce from Fresh Zen in Boston shows that great, fresh sauces without any additives or preservatives do exist! Fresh Zen Ginger Scallion Sauce is made from freshly grated root ginger, fresh scallions, canola oil and salt–and nothing else! No preservatives, no added sugars, and it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free. Give this dscf9195delicious pop of flavor a try next week by adding it on to your regular meal box.

Fresh Zen is a family-owned, artisan sauce company that makes handcrafted, all-natural sauces from Chinese farmhouse recipes. We came across the company in our hunt for great sauces that help make dinner quick and flavorful while still keeping a high quality of ingredients. This sauce adds a fresh and bright, healthy flavor to any dish. It works great with any meat or fish, but we encourage you to try it in a few unexpected places. Try a dollop on your morning eggs, in your soup, or as a spread on a sandwich to amp up the flavor.

We’re also offering up a delicious FreshZen Salmon Kit, featuring the sauce, salmon from local purveyor Red’s Best and broccoli for a quick and complete weeknight dinner or lunch, available in our Add-On Marketplace. You can access this week’s offerings in your Meal Planner.

(Looking for more convenient kits? Try our Vegetable or Chicken Soup kits, perfect to cure a winter cold and featuring broth from local company Five Way Foods.)

Shop Fresh Zen and our other local purveyors by logging right into the Just Add Cooking Meal Planner. When you select your week’s menu, you can also select convenient, locally sourced Add-On items!

An interview with Just Add Cooking’s CGO Amanda Mayo


What is a CGO you ask? It’s a Chief Gastronomic Officer! And that’s what Amanda Mayo is at Just Add Cooking. She is also the company’s Spokesperson. Outside work, you can find her in the kitchen with her two tiny partners in crime, AKA her kids, Audrey and Henry. She has a background in both the academic and culinary sides of the food world. As a professor she taught in Boston University’s Gastronomy Masters program, and in the meal kit industry she co-founded Pantry, a meal kit style shop that once operated in Brookline. Not many days go by that she hasn’t brought a bag full of goodies for the staff to snack on. It’s all about the food! We sat down with her (over a meal of course) and chatted about Just Add Cooking and being an entrepreneur in Boston’s food world. Keep reading to get to know her better.


Why did you join JAC?

I met Jan before joining the company when I was working at Pantry. He kept trying to bring me on and I kept refusing [laughs]. Finally, I left my partnership at Pantry and joined him at Just Add Cooking and I am so glad I did. I am very passionate about this company and everything that we are doing. I also love the team that I work with. Jan is thoughtful. He is not the kind of leader that talks at someone, he lets you make your own decisions.

What is it like being a part of the entrepreneurial community in the city of Boston?

For all of its old ways, Boston is a city of innovation. People are thinking outside the box here. It’s a big college town. The kids who are not from here fall in love with the city and have to start something. It’s hard being an entrepreneur anywhere, but there is a great support system here.

What is the past and future of meal kits in your eyes?

Although meal kits have been on the market in the U.S. for over five years now, the industry is still in the nascent stage. There has always been innovation in America when it comes to getting food into the home. People are always looking for an easier, more convenient way to get food into their houses. This is just another step in that evolution of bringing food into people’s homes. Will it go away? I don’t think so. There will always be an evolution of how food comes into the home and I think meal kits are here to stay. That being said, I think that the meal kits with the best practices when it comes to sourcing and sustainability, such as Just Add Cooking, will be the most sustainable over time.

Tell me what it’s like being the face of JAC.

I have always been a talker. I was in my first speech competition at five years old and I watched my grandmother become became the highest ranking telephone operator in Nebraska. She believed that the way you speak and present yourself is the most important thing, and I agree. I’ve always been a horrible actor but I can communicate anything. When I was on the debate team growing up I learned to talk to anyone. What I like about being at JAC is that I get to do just that — one day I am talking to millionaires and the next I am talking to fishermen.

I get to communicate something I believe in to a wide range of people. Dinner is hard. I have two kids. I’m in the 2% if the population with the skill set of throwing food together, and I know that if I am having this dilemma, other people are too. I am not just a spokesperson for radio and newspapers, I am the spokesperson for building relationships.


What is the significance of being a part of a company that supports local farmers and producers?

Our farmers and producers aren’t just vendors, they are our partners. We want success for us both. Ultimately, we are doing this to make a better food system. We want to help them, so to us it’s important to spend time with them. Time, energy, money, it’s all worth it.

How do you follow through on sustainable practices in your own life?

Most of the time, especially in the office, I drink out of mason jars. I also keep a cloth napkin at my desk always at the ready, since I’m always snacking on something. I was raised by an immigrant mother, so to me, sustainability is not an initiative, it is part of who I am. Growing up we canned, raised animals, and grew our own food. We don’t waste food in my family. My husband is an immigrant and we don’t believe in waste.

What kind of relationship do your kids have with food and how have you tried to shape that? How is JAC involved?

I’ve always had my kids in the kitchen. I gave Audrey her first nylon chefs knife when she was two and when Henry’s in the kitchen he gets a bowl of ingredients and is always on a stool next to me. I wish I had more time with my kids. Every minute I’m at my job I’m missing my kids, and when I’m with my kids I miss work. This is the burden of a working mom.

At home, where I have to do mundane tasks I like to include my kids so that we can turn it into quality time together, such as cooking. It’s important to get kids into the tactile sensation of cooking. Audrey, who is almost four, can make almost a whole meal kit alone. It takes her longer than 30 minutes, of course. She made the Jambalaya recipe all by herself.

When it comes to Just Add Cooking, Audrey sits on my lap and picks the next week’s meals and she also picks one meal to cook herself. Henry brings the box into the kitchen and Audrey unpacks the bags and names ingredients. This is a great learning activity that incorporates spelling, recognition, texture, and counting. Cooking with kids is not just about getting them to eat better it is about teaching them skills, textures, etc. When kids cook food they want to eat it, it gives them a sense of pride. To me, cooking with kids is one of the best parts of this company!


What is the first meal kit recipe you ever developed professionally? What is your favorite JAC recipe?

The first meal kit recipe I developed was Miso Glazed Fish with Lime Beurre Blanc. Meal kit recipe writing is a completely different animal than any other kind of recipe writing and developing. There are a lot of parameters to be aware of and work within. Generally, recipe writing is an art but also like writing music, it’s never fully original. My favorite recipe, which is also a family favorite in my house, is the Poblano Pork Stew. My husband, David, didn’t even put this meal in the fridge when it arrived last time, he made it right away. Audrey gets to choose her birthday meal every year and she asked for this stew for her 3rd birthday!

Follow Amanda on Instagram and Twitter!


Serve Up Breakfast in Bed for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive dinner out, fighting the crowds. We love the idea of showing your love with a thoughtful gesture that makes the day a little bit special. And what better way to start things off than Breakfast in Bed? Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, so wake up a few minutes early and put together the perfect breakfast to start the day off right!

As always, we’re here to make it extra-easy for you. As part of our new Add-On Marketplace, you can choose to order up all the ingredients for Breakfast in Bed. We’ll deliver them in your box on Sunday or Monday and you’ll be ready to scramble some eggs and fry some bacon for your Valentine! Choose individual breakfast items or a whole kit, and choose from a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option!

Having the best ingredients for breakfast is just the half of it. Knowing the insider tips for cooking them is the other!

For the best stovetop bacon, start with a cold pan. This allows you to better control the heat and lets the flavor slowly build, rather then shocking the meat. Continue to cook it slow on low heat. We know that waiting for bacon to be done is brutal but it’s worth the patience to have the best bacon you can!

Now, let’s talk scrambled eggs. While they may seem so simple, there are a few things you can do to make sure they are perfectly fluffy.

1. Crack eggs into a bowl instead of directly into the pan
2. Whisk vigorously with salt to incorporate air into the eggs (adding the salt when whisking helps to keep the eggs extra soft when cooking).
3. Use a non-stick pan and a non-stick spatula if you have them.
4. Enjoy the most pillowy, luxurious eggs….IN BED.


Our Breakfast in Bed package features eggs from Pete & Gerry’s, Bacon from North Country Smokehouse Meat and Stone & Skillet English Muffins. Simply prepare your eggs any way you want, fry up your bacon and toast your English muffins and you’re on your way. (Tip: we’ve also got Vermont Creamery Butter available, which makes for a decadent toast topping!)

Click here to order your Breakfast in Bed kit or any of our delicious, locally sourced Add-Ons for next week’s box! You must order a meal kit in order to select Add-Ons, and the deadline for order is Wednesday, February 7th at noon.

Fresh Homemade Salad Dressing Ideas

One of the big keys to healthy eating is bringing delicious, fresh flavors to the table as often as possible. Keeping food varied and flavorful is key to staying interested. And since a huge part of many people’s meal plans can be salads, especially for lunch or a quick dinner, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite, homemade salad dressings for you to give a whirl.
These salad dressings can be made with ingredients you likely have around your kitchen and are as simple as measuring and whisking together. We’re including a few suggestions for salad ingredients that pair well as well as links to Just Add Cooking recipes that you can try, but feel free to get creative and experiment!



Fall Harvest Salad Dressing

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp maple syrup (or honey)
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
Whisk all ingredients together.
Pairs well with fall flavors like roasted root veggies, sharp cheddar and roasted nuts. Try it in our Fall Harvest Salad.



Rosemary Dressing

1 clove of garlic (minced)
2 sprigs fresh rosemary (pick leaves from stem and chop)
½ tbsp balsamic vinegar
½ tbsp red wine vinegar
1½ tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
Whisk all ingredients together.
Pairs well with almost anything! Try it with a protein-topped bowl or in our Beef & Bread Salad.



Massaged Kale Dressing

Not sure how to get kale to be tender and delicious without cooking it? Try massaging it!

2 cloves of garlic (roughly chopped)
Juice of ½ a lemon
2 tbsp olive oil

Add garlic to a cold skillet with 2 tbsp olive oil. Turn heat to medium and slowly stir the garlic. Sauté until light brown and fragrant, but do not let the garlic burn. Add the hot oil and garlic to the bowl of kale leaves. Add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and 1/4 tsp salt to the kale. Stir to combine and make sure the oil is no longer hot. Using your hands, massage the salt and dressing into the kale for a few minutes. Let rest until plating.



Tropical Salad Dressing

1 lime
2 tbsp mayonnaise
salt and pepper
Zest ½ lime. Combine lime zest in a large bowl with mayonnaise, and juice from ½ a lime. Whisk to combine. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Pairs well with spicy flavors (it cools them down) and fruit toppings. Try it in our Caribbean Chicken Salad recipe.



Mint Greek Dressing

1-2 sprigs mint
1 shallot
2 tbsp olive oil
1 lemon
salt and pepper
Remove leaves from 1-2 sprigs of mint and finely chop. You should end up with at least 2 tbsp mint. Peel and thinly slice the shallot lengthwise. In a large bowl whisk together 2 tbsp olive oil, zest and juice of the lemon, shallot, and chopped mint. Season with salt and pepper to taste and set aside.
Pairs well with almost any fresh veggies and plays well with salty feta. Try it in our Greek Warm Barley Salad.