The More
Important Commute

We are Boston-local and think our ingredients should be too. That’s why we partner with New England producers and suppliers, so we can minimize food miles and maximize freshness.

Fresh Food Takes Fresh Thinking

Packed and delivered on the same day

Packed and delivered on the same day.

Everyday you can find us in our Boston prep-center, readying your meals for delivery. Once your box is packed, our dedicated team deploys and hand delivers your fresh meal-kit so you can enjoy your home-cooked meals. We only service the Greater Boston Area, which means our ingredients stay local and never have to spend a night in transit!

Thoughtfully Packaged

All of our ingredients come pre-measured, so you have exactly what you need and not a pinch more. Having just the right amount also means no wasted ingredients or unnecessary dollars spent on one-off items.

Local Sourcing Means In Season,
In Season Means Delicious

Only the freshest ingredients from responsible local producers make it into our meal-kits, so you can be confident that each and every meal will be as healthy and delicious as the last

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