You Be the Chef: Announcing Just Add Cooking’s Recipe Contest!

This time, you’re the chef! Now that you’ve had a chance to get back in the kitchen, we want you to get creative and send us your OWN original recipe! Come up with a recipe using fresh ingredients and your favorite flavors and send it to us. The winning recipe will receive a free week of Just Add Cooking‘s fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your door AND the recipe will be featured in an upcoming wekly box with your photo and name!

This contest is open to customers and non-customers alike. Enter as an individual or gather the whole family together to create something. Only one recipe per entrant allowed, so sent us your best! To be considered, your recipe must have a name, an ingredient list, a photo of the dish and step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

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Celebrate National Pie Day Today!

Today is National Pie Day, and we couldn’t let such a delicious event pass us by. Most people’s minds immediately go to their holiday favorites–apple pie, pumpkin pie, or maybe a little pecan pie. For summertime, we of course have blueberry pie. But we like to go outside the box when we cook, as you may know from our international recipes, and so if you’re up for celebrating National Pie Day today, we’ve got a few ideas for savory AND sweet pies to try!

And while you can, of course, buy your pie dough at the grocery store, if you’re looking for a winter weekend project, how about making your own? This video gives you step by step instructions to the perfect pie dough.

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Three Grains for Energy

A few months ago, we introduced vegetarian boxes. Vegetarian options have always been an important part of the Just Add Cooking equation, but with the option to now select solely vegetarian options, we are particularly focused on ensuring all of our non-meat options provide plenty of energy, fiber and protein.

Next week, we’re featuring both bulgur and quinoa in our vegetarian dishes. Grains can be an excellent way to increase the energy and protein content in a meal. If you’re vegetarian, or just looking to add some healthy grain options into your dishes, check out these three options that you may not have considered before!

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Freshen Up Winter Dishes with Citrus

As the cold grips the Northeast, it’s increasingly tough to get that delicious, fresh summer producer we’re used to in the warmer months. If you’re a believer in seasonal ingredients, this is the perfect time to brighten up your dishes with some in-season citrus fruits.

Many of us are used to squeezing lemons or limes over our entrees, but oranges and grapefruits play a big part in savory cooking as well. This week, we’re featuring Duck Breast with Orange and Red Lentil Salad, which takes advantage of the juicy, sweet oranges we’re seeing at the market these days.

Citrus fruits have been hailed by many studies for their fat-fighting, metabolism-boosting qualities, but we love them more for the freshness they add to heavier winter dishes. How can you incorporate more citrus into your savory dinners? Look no further: here’s a list of perfect citrus pairings and some recipe ideas!

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2014 Food Resolutions: 5 Kitchen Skills You Must Learn This Year

It’s a new year, and we bet that your resolutions don’t have too much to do with the time you’re spending in the kitchen. But if you’re like the majority of Americans, vowing to save money by eating in, or to cook more and eat healthier, there are some basic kitchen skills you need to acquire.

We’re making it easy for you. Put these five essential kitchen and cooking skills on your list for 2014, and by the end of the year, you’ll be a pro.

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