Fast Food Fakeouts

Many of you will be enjoying Just Add Cooking’s take on every kid’s favorite and most adults’ guilty pleasure this week: Chicken Nuggets. Making them at home is fresher, tastier and of course, healthier. We were inspired, so we thought it would be fun to round up some of our favorite Fast Food Fakeouts from around the web and give you healthier takes on your very favorite guilty pleasures. Read more

Eating In Season During the Winter in New England

Eating in-season is a hugely popular concept, and we all love to do it in the summertime and even the fall. All those fresh berries piled high at the local farmer’s markets, the ruby red tomatoes, the shiny apples–it makes it impossible NOT to eat in-season.

But what about now, when the ground is frozen and it’s hard to believe anything at all is growing? Believe it or not, there is still some produce at the peak of its season in February! If you’re searching for ways to eat in season–even now–we have a few recipes to share that feature what’s best now.

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Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the Just Add Cooking team shows its love through food. So with Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, we put in a hearty vote for avoiding the crowds and madness at area restaurants and showing your spouse, significant other, your friends or your kids how much you love them by making them a little something!

Valentine Days Foods

Festive Valentine’s Day food doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need to be in the form of Conversation Hearts and chocolates. Here are a few fun ways to bring the spirit of Valentine’s Day into your meals tomorrow!

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How to Be the Chef: Our Chef’s Tips on What Makes a Recipe Great

As you may know, last week we announced our “Be The Chef” recipe contest, inviting you to create your own recipe and send it to us. We’ll be picking one winning recipe to be featured in an upcoming Just Add Cooking delivery and the winner will also win a free week of Just Add Cooking.

In the spirit of helping you develop the best recipe possible, we asked our very own chef, Anders Lindell, for his top tips on recipe creation. Anders has developed all of the delicious recipes┬áthat you receive each week in your Just Add Cooking box, and here are his tips on creating balance and contrast–his own goals for any great recipe.

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