Watermelon Recipe Ideas

Most of us think of watermelon as a treat, but there’s some good news: aside from being delicious, it’s also extremely good for you. Watermelon is hydrating, reduces inflammation and is even a source of lycopene, an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and may reduce the risk of cancer. So there you have it–the perfect excuse to buy watermelon today!

National Watermelon Day is coming up on Sunday, August 3rd. Most of us enjoy this juicy summer delicacy all on its own–best eaten outside for maximum messiness and minimum cleanup–but if you’ve got some extra to use up, how about some delicious watermelon recipes to celebrate?

watermelon and feta salad

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Our Favorite Boston Food Blogs

As a meal kit delivery service local to Boston, we’re lucky to get inspiration from lots of Boston food blogs. What we love about food bloggers is that they’re typically cooking from their passion–they have full-time jobs and lives outside their blogs, but they find lots of time to come up with great recipes and share those with readers. This usually leads to recipes that busy, working families can cook–our kind of recipes!

If you’re looking for a few new friends to follow, we’ve got some great suggestions for our favorite Boston food blogs. Check them out!

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Kitchen Tips: How to Tell If Meat is Done

It’s the most common question we get at the Just Add Cooking kitchen: how do I tell if my meat is done? After all, even the most specific step-by-step instructions often struggle to give an exact cooking time (so much depends on the size and cut of meat) and with some meat, like steak or burgers, personal preference plays a part.

So how do you tell when your meat is done? There are plenty of options. Here are some of our favorite tricks.

Use a Meat Thermometer

This is probably the most fool-proof and simple way to ensure that your meat is fully-cooked. You can buy a meat thermometer at any home or kitchen supply store for just a few dollars. Insert it into the thickest part of the meat and get a reading. The USDA publishes safe minimum cooking temperatures for each kind of meat, ranging from 140 degrees to 165 degrees.

Use the Finger Test

This one applies to steak specifically, where personal preference dictates done-ness. Use a simple comparison between the flesh of your hand and the feel of the steak itself to determine whether your filet is well done or rare. Take a quick look at this video from MyRecipes.com for the details.

See If the Juices Run Clear

When checking chicken, give it a poke. If the juices run clear, the meat is done; pink juices mean you probably want to keep it on a little longer.

Check for Color

When cooking fish, color is key. Shrimp turns pink when done; white fish like haddock or cod will turn white and opaque, flaking easily. Scallops are best tested with a combination of methods: they should turn opaque and white through, and when you touch them, they should spring back. If they’re mushy, put them on for a bit longer.

5 Ideas for Cooking Corn

Corn on the cob

Credit: Dlamante

Corn is one of those dinner components that screams summer, and here in New England, it’s cheap, sweet, delicious and plentiful all season long. Most people enjoy it simply, steamed on the cob and slathered with butter and salt, but if you’ve got an abundance of corn from your shopping, we’ve got some ideas for new ways of cooking corn and new corn recipes.

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I Scream, You Scream: Ice Cream Recipe Ideas

We spend most of our days in the kitchen whipping up savory and healthy dinner ideas, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a delicious dessert when we see one. This Sunday, July 20th is the 30th anniversary of National Ice Cream Day, so declared by President Ronald Reagan. If a presidential decree isn’t enough for you to indulge a creamy cold treat this weekend, we’ve got some ice cream recipe ideas for you to give a whirl–from making your very own concoction to delicious ice cream desserts!

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Vendor Profile: Dole & Bailey


Next up in our Vendor Profile series, we’re bringing you another of our local suppliers: Dole & Bailey, a premium meat and poultry vendor who supplies all the delicious cuts of meat you’ll find in your Just Add Cooking box. As a Boston-based meal kit delivery company, we have a major focus on utilizing the absolute best local suppliers. Dole & Bailey is located in Woburn, MA, and is a relatively new addition to the Just Add Cooking supplier roster, carefully selected for its reputation for quality on the proteins that are often the centerpiece of our dishes.

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Grill It Up: 8 Unexpected Items You Can BBQ

If you’ve been firing up the grill since Memorial Day, you’re likely tired of burgers and hot dogs by now. We’ve been including grilling recipes in our boxes for summer, and some of our favorite parts of recipe development for summer have been thinking up unexpected items to grill. This weekend, when you go to turn on the BBQ, think about giving these ingredients and recipes a shot to change it up but allow you to stay outside while you cook!

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Vendor Profile: Captain Marden’s Seafoods

scallops_pepper_mix_sauceWe’ve always believed that it’s tremendously important to know where your food comes from, and that the closer you can source your food to home, the better it is (for your tastebuds, your health, your wallet and the economy!). As a Boston-based meal kit delivery company, we’ve made it a priority to work primarily with local vendors, from larger suppliers to smaller farmers, to bring you fresh ingredients that you can trace back to the source. Many of our customers ask us where our ingredients come from, so in our series of Vendor Profiles, you’ll get a peek into some of the companies supplying your weekly box!

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7 Grilled Recipes from Just Add Cooking for National Grilling Month

July is National Grilling Month, and this week we’ll all be firing up the grills for our big Fourth of July cookouts. But the same old hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta salads can get a little old, so we’ve come to the rescue with a roundup of unique grill recipes that will kick your cookout up a notch this weekend.

From grilled salads to sliders, we’ve got options to satisfy everyone in the group. These recipes are all part of our special summer menu, which features lots of hearty summer salads and grilling entrees that take advantage of the season’s freshest ingredients and preferred cooking method. Enjoy!

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