Tips for Preparing Chicken


This week we are offering Chicken and Cauliflower and therefore wanted to provide some tips and tricks for chicken preparation that you might not already think of! Below, please see a list that will enable you to cook the most delicious and healthful chicken you can. Happy cooking!

  1. Refrigerate chicken promptly after buying – never leave it at room temperature
  2. Always choose free-range chicken when possible
    • Make sure it comes from a source you trust. Most free range meat will have health benefits and work to sustain animal welfare.
  3. The temperature in the chicken must reach 165 degrees:
    • Ensure that your oven is set to 165 degrees in order to bake the chicken thoroughly.
  4. Let the chicken rest for approximately 10 minutes before eating:
    • Through letting the meat cool off after cooking, the juices will more evenly distributed throughout the chicken instead of migrating to the middle.
  5. Cut meat across the grain:
    • Cutting meat in this manner will produce slices with shorter fibers, resulting in more tender pieces of chicken.


Partner Spotlight: The Farmer’s Garden

farmers garden

This week we are highlighting a local farm where we source produce and proteins for our boxes. The Famer’s Garden, located in Rehoboth, MA, is a 200 acre vegetable farm owned and operated by Steven and Tammy Noons. The farm has been around for over 100 years—Steve is the third generation of farmers in his family to continue the tradition! In addition to their main location, The Farmer’s Garden hosts a farm stand in Swansea, MA, as well as attends the Braintree Farmers Market in the summer.

As a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member, The Farmer’s Garden works to connect the community and local farmers who grow their food. In this way, the farmer provides fresh locally grown produce weekly directly to its members throughout the season. To learn more, click here.

Spring Equinox Means Spring Foods

Happy spring equinox! After breaking the record for snowfall this year, I think we can all agree that Bostonians are ready for spring. And, what better way to build excitement for warmer weather than by cooking spring foods?! We can’t think of one. So, we have rounded up our favorite pre- spring recipes below for you to try below, courtesy of Patti Wigington of Ostara recipes. Enjoy!

Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are supremely easy to make, and you can make them sweet or spicy based on your taste.

Lemon Bread


This easy “surprise bread” reflects the theme of re-emergence, and you can put it together easily by using a pre-packaged lemon poppy seed bread mix, or your favorite lemon bread recipe.

Spring Sprout Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing


Spring is here, and with it comes bright green gifts from the garden. What better way to welcome spring  than with a plate of fresh sprouts and leaves? This is easy to make, and the honey mustard dressing is delicious.

Roasted Lamb


Lamb is in season during the spring, so this is the perfect spring meal for us carnivorous types.

Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we’re all honorary Irish. Who doesn’t love to celebrate with festive beverages and classic Irish dishes? We have outlined some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes below for you to try, courtesy of The Food Network. Enjoy!

Spinach Pancakes & Corn Beef Hash


These bright green savory pancakes have a most, custardy texture and fresh oniony bite. Plus, they’re green!

Corned Beef & Cabbage

corned beef & hash photo

This traditional Irish dish is the centerpiece for many St. Patrick’s Day tables.

Vegetable Shepard’s Pie


Skip the meat and stuff your Shepard’s pie with turnips, carrots and celery instead.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup


A twist on an Irish classic, this soup can be prepared suing leftover premade corned beef and chopped vegetables.

Soda- Bread Biscuits


A simple and sweet classic Irish recipe that won’t make you feel guilty about eating bread.

Guinness and Onion Soup with Irish Cheddar Croutons


Give this French classic an Irish twist with a splash of Guinness in the broth and a gooey Irish cheddar topping.

Partner Spotlight: Green Mountain Creamery


This week we are highlighting Green Mountain Creamery, a local company where we source yogurt and dairy products. Green Mountain Creamery was started by three guys with a basic philosophy – create healthy, responsible made yogurt that tastes great and is affordable.  They accomplished this through keeping it simple—the few ingredients the better. They removed high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, aspartame and more artificial ingredients from their product completely. However, they continue to use ingredients that make the yogurt taste delicious, like Pure rBST-free Vermont milk, real fruit and berries, natural sugar, and active cultures. Green Mountain Creamery is located in Brattleboro, Vermont where they hold events and in- store samplings.

To learn more about Green Mountain Creamery, visit their website here.

Tips for a Boston Staycation


With school vacations and the last of the snow melting before spring, March is generally known as an ideal time to get away from the cold before the warm weather arrives for good. However, since not all of us are so lucky to escape to a beach, below we have outlined a few ideas for a Boston ‘staycation’- a vacation without the travel. From hotel deals to restaurant picks, these are ways to take advantage of activities going on in your own backyard.

And, of course, ordering Just Add Cooking will fit in perfectly with your staycation – requiring no meal prep which means more time for you to relax!

  • Visit one of Boston’s big five museums: Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Children’s Museum, Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium.
  • Boston is known for being a city of neighborhoods – check out a new one that you have never been before. See a full list here of all Boston neighborhoods.
  • Treat yourself!
  • Avoid the TV trap by seeing a play, movie or going to an event
  • Indulge in the city’s best decadent delicacies:

Just Add Cooking Expands Recipe Portfolio through Partnership with New England Charcuterie

Boston-based meal delivery service, Just Add Cooking, has partnered with Joshua Smith, owner and artisan of New England Charcuterie, to lend its’ weekly subscribers the culinary expertise of the former executive chef through exclusive, limited-time recipes. Throughout the month of March, Just Add Cooking will roll out one of Joshua’s curated recipes per week – enabling subscribers to select as part of the weekly meal plan and have ingredients delivered right to their door.

With Saint Patrick’s Day approaching, one of the recipes Bostonians can look forward to is a delicious Corned Beef and Cabbage that only takes 30 minutes – allowing plenty of time to celebrate one of Boston’s favorite holidays. To receive the Corned Beef and Cabbage in your Just Add Cooking box before the holiday, orders must be placed by noon on Wednesday, March 11. In addition, Joshua created the following recipes available to Just Add Cooking subscribers this month:

  • Bangers and Mash: Orders must be placed by noon on Wednesday, March 18
  • Choucroute Garnie: Orders must be placed by noon on Wednesday, March 25

Each of the three recipes call for New England Charcuterie’s high-quality cured and preserved meats. The dishes are easy to prepare for a weeknight meal, taking just about 30 minutes from start to finish. New England Charcuterie partners with the region’s top farms and uses ancient techniques of curing and preserving meat in order to ensure a superior experience.

“We’re so excited to be extending our relationship with New England Charcuterie and lending our subscribers Joshua’s creative culinary skills this month,” said Jan Leife, Co-founder of Just Add Cooking. “Our subscribers are used to fresh, local ingredients, so partnering with a company that offers the highest caliber of meats fits with our service. We’re confident Bostonians will enjoy these warm, hearty dishes after the snowy New England winter we’ve had!”

Joshua has made a foodie footprint throughout the country, as well as in the city of Boston. After working at various restaurants in California, Seattle and North Carolina, he relocated to Boston where he continued his culinary career as a sous Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel and assisted with the launch of Tico as the executive chef.

“My passion has always been food and finding ingredients that bring the taste experience to another level,” said Joshua Smith, Owner and Artisan of New England Charcuterie. “Creativity and risk-taking is all part of being a chef, and I’m delighted to offer my original recipes to Just Add Cooking subscribers this month and introduce them to our meat offerings.”

For more information about Just Add Cooking or to place an order for one of Joshua’s limited-time recipe offerings, visit

About Just Add Cooking

Just Add Cooking sources and creates wholesome “meal kits” consisting of local, fresh, pre-measured, and high quality ingredients that are carefully packed in a box and delivered directly to your home. As part of a flexible subscription plan, the company provides members with an array of affordable, easy to prepare, and delicious recipes to try every week. All you have to do is “just add cooking.”

About New England Charcuterie

New England Charcuterie’s passion for pork and charcuterie in general transcends the idea of just a meal. The company is inspired by a love of great artisanal food and the people who truly enjoy it. At New England Charcuterie, we create an Old World experience in a New World setting. Inspired by the shops in villages and towns throughout Europe that sell meat only, owner Joshua Smith constantly strives to improve his ingredients and to treat each portion of every animal with the respect it deserves in order to exceed his customers’ expectations. We use ancient techniques of curing and preserving meat in order to ensure a transcendent experience. Let us transport you back to the Old World with honest, carefully cured and prepared foods that will leave you only wanting more.


Partner Spotlight: Teddie Peanut Butter


We partner with several local companies to source all of our different natural products. This week, we are highlighting Teddie Peanut Butter. Located in Everett, Mass., Teddie Peanut Butter has been family-owned since 1952. Michael Hintilian, founder, grew the business through the 1950s based on strict adherence to the highest quality of production and customer service. Michael’s son, James, further expanded the brand after returning from World War II. James worked to position the brand as a household staple to the baby boomer generation. Under his leadership, Teddie Peanut Butter became the number one all natural peanut butter brand in New England.

Teddie Peanut Butter continues to be family run and operated, comprising of siblings and cousins. Today, their utmost priorities are quality and food safety. They deploy an industry-leading “test and hold” procedure for their peanut butter that ensures every product batch that leaves its processing facility is safety tested.

To learn more about Teddie Peanut Butter, visit their website here.



Eastern Inspired Recipes

As Just Add Cooking has ties to Sweden, we enjoy exploring recipes from different parts of the world that are both easy to make and typical of that region. This allows us to expand our recipe offerings, as well as showcase Just Add Cooking’s cultural background. We offer several Eastern-inspired recipes throughout the year—check a few of them out below!


This Japanese dish means “fried noodles in sauce.” A delicious sauce and tender Udon noodles combined with a ginger flavor makes this a great way to spice up dinner.


Indian Vegetable Curry

Lots of delicious vegetables, seasoned with curry, pack this dish with nutrients. Chickpeas add fiber and naan, or Indian bread, rounds out the meal. This recipe is a JAC customer favorite!



Asian Meatballs

This Asian dish with fresh ginger, mint, chili, lime and fish sauce is a spicy favorite. If you prefer it milder, leave out some of the chili and crushed red pepper.



Thai Chicken with Coconut Milk

Make your favorite Thai restaurant meal at home! It’s quick and easy to put together and tastes wonderful.