5 Fan Favorite Football Recipes & Some Extra Game Day Snacks

Black Bean Nachos

Black Bean Nachos

Football season is upon us! College Saturdays & NFL Sundays are sacred for many, especially here in New England. Have your Pats jersey washed (or not)? Nail down that lucky spot on the couch? Prepare the same first & second half apps, entrees & ‘sserts as you did for every win last year? Once you can check all of your ritualistic items off the list, you can rest comfortably. Or at least on a full stomach.

Pre-Game in the Snack Zone

If you’re looking to incorporate simple game day snacks that feature a healthy twist, we’ve got coverage. Our Marketplace is chock full of tasty grab & go items that can easily enhance your spread:

We’d like to add more to your plate, in a good way… here are 5 fan favorite recipes that can make game day even more delicious than in years past.

Regulation Time Recipes:

Black Bean Nachos 

 Where else would we kick off? Yes…we know you’re excited for nachos and we are, too! There’s no denying our love of oozy cheese melted over a heap of deliciousness. This vegetarian version of one of America’s favorite football foods turns to black beans for protein and includes pickled jalapenos to add a bit of a kick…pun(t) intended!

Andouille Gumbo

You can count on us to put a regional spin on a recipe straight out of NoLa. And you can thank Bianco & Sons for the sausage in this hearty stew that is brimming with juicy vegetables, aromatic spices, and a thick, flavorful stock.


In keeping with the theme of southern comfort food, we bring to you a mouthwatering Creole tradition: bell pepper, onion, and celery mixed with chicken thighs & spicy Italian sausage. This dish is a literal melting pot of the French and Spanish cultures that form the culinary makeup of Louisiana. So be prepared to take a trip to the Deep South with your taste buds in this filling recipe!

Sloppy Joes  

These may take you back to childhood, but there’s nothing childish about them. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and amp up your Sloppy Joes with a variety of toppings, sauces and condiments for the ultimate sandwich. Our version doesn’t come on a plastic tray served by a surly lunch lady in a hair net, but it’s quick, easy, and perfectly complemented by a crisp, refreshing beer.

Tex-Mex Mac & Cheese

This comforting dish has it all: the flavors and textures of chili, plus the warm gooeyness of mac & cheese. Ground beef and kidney beans provide the protein for this dish, and the Monterey Jack cheese adds a creamy richness. Add some chili powder for a burst of heat!

What are your favorite game day recipes?


New England Summer Activity Roundup

Thomas Land at Edaville Family Theme Park

Thomas Land at Edaville Family Theme Park

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Summer Fun Giveaway. You brought to light for us some New England adventure spots & activities that we weren’t familiar with and that we’re eager to share with others who may not be aware of all that New England has to offer.

To start, here’s some information about our Summer Fun Giveaway partners:

  • Animal Adventures: Located in Bolton, MA, owners Ed & Brenda Laquidara take in exotic animals that are no longer able to be kept by their current owners and provide them with a high quality of life. These animals are used for educational programs or are placed at other animal facilities, depending on their needs. Enjoy daily animal shows, private tours and even host a birthday party or corporate event here… after all, it’s #waycoolerthanazoo.
  • Edaville Family Theme Park: From Cran Central to Thomas Land, Dino Land & more, Edaville, located in Carver, MA, offers everything from rides and attractions to food, shopping, and daily events. PLUS, parking is always free. Edaville also offers events outside of the summer months: “Pumpkins Aglow” in October, and their Christmas Festival of Lights, which offers train rides through brilliant displays lit with over 7 million lights during the Christmas season!
  • The Butterfly Place: Open 7 days a week from Valentine’s Day through Columbus Day, The Butterfly Place is an indoor garden filled with hundreds of free-flying butterflies from New England as well as tropical species from all over the world. Located in Westford, MA, The Butterfly Place is able to host a wide variety of events from birthday parties to bridal showers, weddings, family gatherings, corporate events and more.  
  • King Richard’s Faire: As one of the biggest and best Renaissance fairs in New England, King Richard’s Faire sits on 80 enchanted acres. Featuring entertainment, rides, skilled games, acrobats, aerialists, jugglers & more, you can expect to see hundreds of talented performers as you traverse the grounds. Indulge in spit-roasted turkey legs, ringlets of fryes, and boules of chowder or stew, and wash it all down with champagne, wine or a brew.

And here are a few that to us, we found new:

  • Fourth Cliff: Located in Scituate, MA, Fourth Cliff is a 56-acre seaside resort. In the spring & summer, enjoy a variety of boating, camping, party & sports equipment, as well as access to picnic areas – reservations accepted!
  • Squam Lake Natural Science Center: Located in Holderness, NH, the mission of Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is to advance understanding of ecology by exploring New Hampshire’s natural world. It’s open from May 1 to November 1 and offers a variety of educational and enlightening programs, including guided discoveries, natural adventures, lake cruises & more.

And more for the kids:

  • Roger Williams Park Zoo: With over 160 animals from around the world ranging from pandas, elephants & giraffes to sloths, snow leopards, anteaters & more, the Providence, RI zoo is one of the oldest in the country and rests on 40 acres of land. Enjoy animal encounters, camel & train rides, concessions and much more, the Roger Williams Park Zoo is an awesome adventure for the whole family.
  • Story Land: Recognized as the best children’s theme park in New Hampshire, Story Land has been offering rides and entertainment to families for over 60 years. From the Antique Cars to the Whirling Whales, Crazy Barn, Flying Fish & Splash Battle, the park has evolved and expanded over the years and continues to offer all-inclusive attractions, events and shows, plus FREE parking & pet kennels!

In addition to these destinations, we also learned that most of our contest participants enjoy beach going, lake life, community boating, baseball games, day trips and fun with family. We hope this list provides you with new ideas for exploration and activities… and as always, we look forward to hearing any other suggestions you may have!


How to Enjoy National Picnic Month Like a Pro

Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich by JAC

Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich by JAC

After another long, cold winter, ‘tis finally the season to enjoy the sunshine and spend as much time as possible outdoors. From BBQs and birthday celebrations to poolside parties and beach days, there are a ton of ways to enjoy nature’s bounty. But none quite like dining al fresco on a good, old-fashioned picnic in the park!

Here are 10 ways that you can picnic like a pro as we wind down National Picnic Month:

  1. Make the event as easy & eco-friendly as possible: Try to stick to 1 or 2 cooked or pre-prepped dishes that can be eaten with your hands. This nifty tip will reduce the need for excess cutlery and will help to reduce waste.
  2. Stack up on sandwiches: Bee’s Wrap sandwich wraps are a sustainable way to promote food storage. And who doesn’t love to bite into a satisfying sandwich on a picnic?
  3. Seek out a level patch of ground located mostly in the shade: As we all know, eating at a place like the beach can be a challenge without umbrellas & coolers because of the power of the almighty sun. Set up your picnic on an even patch of ground in the shade to help preserve the freshness of your food.
  4. Leverage the power of insulated bottles: Whether you’re transporting a hot item like soup or a cold liquid like water, or something a little stronger, keep it simple. Make sure you have an insulated bottle on-hand that’s built to last.
  5. Water Bottles vs. Ice Packs: On that same note, try to use cold, water bottles to keep your food cool versus gel or ice packs. We use Givn water bottles in our own meal kits to make them more environmentally-friendly.
  6. Invest in a collapsible cooler: If your childhood consisted of lugging bulky coolers to every outdoor event, it’s time to fully erase those distant yet haunting memories. Collapsible coolers make transport much easier, fold up into compact pieces & can often double as seating support!
  7. Save the ice cream for later: Although a cold, refreshing dessert may sound like a great idea, it’s best to bring a treat that doesn’t melt too easily. Consider cookies or fruit to help cleanse your palate!
  8. Bug spray: Be prepared. The vision of a perfect picnic is often just that; a vision. Keep bug spray on-hand in case you find yourself in a typical New England mosquito melee.
  9. Sustainable threads vs. paper products: Bring some smaller dish towels or biodegradable napkins to use instead of paper products or wet wipes.
  10. Leave Fido at home: We all love our pets, but our pets love our food, chasing small animals and trying to make nice with strangers who have food. Try to keep your picnic party as problem-free as possible so that you can enjoy a stress-free outing!

What are your favorite picnic tips and tricks?


Support Local Farms this National Ice Cream Month

Did you know that ice cream was originally called “cream ice” and dates back to the 17th century? It seems to have a much smoother ring to it with its current moniker. Whether the phrase “ice cream” means just that, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet to you, this cold, refreshing treat can be consumed in its simplest form via cup or cone, or as a unique addition to a variety of delectable desserts. With the wealth of flavor combos that has come to fruition over the course of its evolution, don’t be surprised that vanilla and chocolate still reign supreme in North America.

Crescent Ridge Ice Cream (Photo courtesy of Boston Magazine)

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, we’re coming to you with the scoop on the best local spots in the area. Beat the heat as we cruise through July at one of these flavorful and festive farms:

  • Bedford Farms: This hometown fave has been whipping up and scooping award-winning ice cream since 1880. Yup, that’s over 100 years and an expansion of over 60 flavors of fresh made, locally sourced ice cream, frozen yogurt and soft serve. With locations in Bedford, Burlington and Concord and 22 flavors always on tap with a rotation of others, PLUS custom cakes, pies & ice cream sandwiches, Bedford Farms has something to satisfy anyone’s creamy craving.
  • Crescent Ridge: “Serving Smiles Since 1968”, the Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar in Sharon, MA offers over 40 flavors of premium ice cream. From the tried and true like chocolate, chocolate chip, strawberry and vanilla to unique fusions like Black Bear, Graham Central Station and Cow Prints, each flavor starts with the Parrish family’s 50-year old recipe that has withstood the test of time.
  • Kimball Farm: With its flagship location in Westford, MA, the Kimball name has been legendary to the local ice cream industry since 1939, and expanded with the addition of 3 other locations in the late 1980s. Jack and Clara Kimball kicked off their legacy with 3 original flavors: maple walnut, frozen pudding and peppermint stick. Today, their rich and creamy offering features over 50 fantastic flavors. And the Westford location now offers a variety of exciting activities for families to enjoy including, but not limited to: batting cages, mini golf, bumper boats, restaurants & more.
  • Richardson’s Farm: These are listed in no particular order, but is there truth in the saying ‘save the best for last’? Located in Middleton, MA, the Richardson family has been operating the dairy farm for over 300 years. The ice cream stand came to fruition in the early 1950s with the idea of creating “one perfect ice cream”. Today, Richardson’s award-winning ice cream stand offers over 50 flavors and has been featured on the Phantom Gourmet.

What’s the one local ice cream spot that you can’t live without and the flavor that makes your mouth water?


How To Plan a Perfect Cinco de Mayo Party


Not only does May signify the true beginning of a long-awaited season filled with flowers in bloom and sunshine in New England, it also marks one of the most famous Mexican celebrations: Cinco de Mayo! While many of us immediately associate this holiday with delicious food & refreshing cervezas, it’s important to acknowledge that this day truly represents a celebration of Mexican heritage, as well as Mexican-American culture in the U.S.

So how do you ensure that your fiesta is set up for success? Here’s a checklist that includes everything from party decorations & ideas to appetizers, dinner recipes and cocktail creations:


First thing’s first – Add some flair to your fiesta:

  • If you’re planning a kid-friendly party, a colorful pinata filled with goodies is always a hit!
  • If you really want to liven up your gathering, hire a Mariachi band to serenade your crowd with authentic Mexican music.
  • Want to look & act the part? Accessorize with sombreros, shake the night away with maracas, and outfit your tableware with festive & fun Mexican-themed items.

Kick off your celebración con la comida tradicional:

  • Fresh & Homemade: Who doesn’t love to start off an evening of Mexican fare with salsa & guac? If you don’t want to do the work but want the taste of authenticity, check out the local products available at Nola’s Fresh Foods!
  • Hunger is ‘nacho problem: …as long as you load up your spread with a variety of mouthwatering platters. From beef and chicken to refried beans, black beans, spicy jalapenos, gooey melted Monterey Jack cheese from Cabot Creamery & more, your guests will be gushing about your tasty toppings & the crispy Mi Nina Tortilla chips you so wisely choose as your vehicle of goodness! Need some inspo? Check out our easy, vegetarian Black Bean Nachos recipe!


Let’s Taco ‘Bout the Main Event:

  • No Cinco de Mayo feast is complete without an array of tasty taco recipes. The good news is, we’ve got you covered on that front. From veggie options to fish and fusion creations, there’s no shortage of unique & easy ways to make this traditionally simple dish as delicious as possible. Especially if they’re made with fresh corn tortillas from local partner Vermont Tortilla Company!
  • Wrap it up with a burrito bar! The only problem with burritos? They tend to spill the beans… that one landed, didn’t it? If you’re looking for a simple yet satisfying recipe, try our filling & flavorful Vegetarian Bean Burrito!


Libation Station:

  • Margarita Magic: Keep the ingredients to a minimum and sip on a classic marg as you enjoy the evening’s festivities.
  • More of a beer drinker? Make sure to fill your cooler with Modelo, Corona, Dos Equis, Sol & the like.
  • Turn it up a notch with a fruity concoction like Mexican Sangria!

Buenas Noches:

  • Cheers to churros! A fan favorite among children & adults alike, traditional Mexican churros are a perfect way to end the night.

Have party planning advice to share? We’d love to hear!


Just Add Cooking’s Food Lover Gift Guide


Looking for the perfect gift for the food lover in your life? How about someone who loves to support small local businesses? Our staff at Just Add Cooking shares these passions and we’re here to help you out with this gift guide! We’ve polled our staff on their go-to gifts this holiday season. They came up with some unique gifts for both the locals and for friends and families outside of town who love to cook or eat (who doesn’t?)!

Jan, Co-Founder & CEO

Fish Spatula

This is a great stocking stuffer and one of Jan’s go-to’s because it makes cooking fish–one of his favorite foods–so much easier! For a recipient who eats a lot of fish, a fish spatula can be a game changer in making it easier to cook!

Red’s Best Gift Card

At Just Add Cooking, we use Red’s Best to supply fresh, local fish for our recipes, but you can also order it online or buy it in various locations around Boston like the Boston Public Market or local farmer’s markets. What’s amazing about a Red’s Best gift card is that they’ll ship fresh fish anywhere in the continental US, so it’s the perfect way to give someone a taste of what makes Boston seafood so delicious.

Fredrik, CFO

Rubber Spatula

One of our Chief Gastronomic Officer’s essential cooking tools, Fredrik loves a rubber spatula as a stocking stuffer for anyone who’s in the kitchen. It makes cooking nearly any recipe easier to cook.


Source: 4A Coffee

Coffee from 4A in Brookline

An avid coffee lover, Fredrik loves the java at 4A in Brookline. It’s roasted in small batches locally, and a perfect gift for someone who loves to try new and interesting brews.

Amanda, Chief Gastronomic Officer

Sous Vide Machine

This is one of Amanda’s new favorite kitchen tools to use at home. Sous vide is a pro technique that’s increasingly making it into home kitchens and is perfect for a foodie who likes to experiment. It delivers restaurant quality results by using precise temperature control. The process vacuum seals the food into a bag and cooking it in a water bath.

Jam Sessions Jam

As a nod to her previous career in the music industry, Amanda’s selected Jam Sessions Jam, a locally-sourced, small batch jam company for the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer. The company’s local owner also has a music career and founded Jam Sessions Jam from her love of all things pickled and preserved. The awesome sweet and savory spreads feature local New England ingredients and for a larger gift you can check out their gift collections.

Dan, Head of Recipe Development & Meal Planning

20160922-knife-steels-vicky-wasik-3Sharpening Steel

As the recipe development guy, Dan knows that a sharp knife is a must. Sharpening steel is a perfect way to make time in the kitchen more enjoyable and ensure knife safety too–a sharp knife is a safe one!

Immersion Blender

This small kitchen tool doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it’s super helpful for making soups and purees. While it’s not a requirement for Just Add Cooking recipes, you’ll find yourself saving time and dishes with it as opposed to using a regular blender. As the name says, just immerse it right into the liquid and go, no separate blender required.


Katie, Customer Success Manager


Another great stocking stuffer, a microplane is a small, inexpensive tool that does unlimited duty in the kitchen. Use it for grating ginger, citrus, cheese and more to add flavor to any recipe without a lot of effort.


Source: Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with this delicious, locally made chocolate out of Somerville. Taza Chocolate is organic, stone-ground chocolate with bold flavor. It’s high quality and a step above your typical “stocking stuffer candy,” and who doesn’t love a hit of chocolate for an afternoon snack? They’ll ship your gift and have some lovely gift sets available.

Kevin, Director of Operations


An avid whiskey drinker, Kevin recommends this bottle as a special occasion gift for the whiskey lover in your life.


Source: PieBox

Wood Pie Carrying Box

If you’re always toting treats around, these boxes will make life 20x easier (and look a million times better than tupperware). We’re lucky at JAC that Kevin’s girlfriend owns local pie company Pie Curious, and he’s always bringing us samples to the office. For family or friends who are avid bakers, this is a great gift.

Katerina, Chief Marketing Officer

Just Add Cooking Gift Card

As our head of marketing, Katerina is a big believer in spreading the Just Add Cooking love! By giving a gift card, you’re providing family and friends with fresh, local ingredients delivered right to their door, a week off of grocery shopping and fun dinners to bring their family together. Perfect for people who love to cook or those who are learning.


Source: Formaggio Kitchen

Formaggio Kitchen Gift Basket

Supporting small local businesses is part of the fabric of our staff and Formaggio Kitchen is a great example. With locations in Boston and Cambridge, this local specialty shop ships delicious gift baskets around the country. They’re available at many different reasonable price points starting at $55, but if you really want to go wild, check out their “Formaggio Kitchen’s Best” Luxury Basket ($400) featuring a $100 bottle of wine, high-end cheeses, foie gras, truffle honey, locally made truffles and more.

Rachel, Marketing/Development Intern

Source: Worst of All Design

Source: Worst of All Design

Sweet Lydia’s Treats

This local treat maker is one of Rachel’s favorites, particularly the artisanal s’mores and potato chip toffee! These are great for elevated stocking stuffers. Or, try a gift box to give someone a sampler of all Sweet Lydia’s deliciousness.

Bites of Boston Gift Card

For locals who love an experience gift, a gift card for Bites of Boston food tours is a perfect idea. They’ll get to explore the neighborhood, taste food from local shops and restaurants and enjoy a walking tour of the area. (Make it a gift card for two and join them!)


Caroline, Product Development Intern

Kitchen Scale

Caroline’s been testing recipes for a long time, and a kitchen scale is a “must” for anyone looking for precision in their recipes.

Mei Mei Sauce

The Mei Mei food truck is a staple on the Boston University campus, where Caroline is a grad student, and their sauce is the perfect gift for food lovers looking to spice up their recipes. Put together all three–the Apple Hoisin, Cranberry Sweet & Sour and Smoked Maple Ginger Sauce–made with local ingredients, for a great gift pack.

Giving Thanks…


As the staff at Just Add Cooking, we’re pretty lucky to work in a place where we get to eat delicious food on a regular basis, help to design recipes that land on the tables of so many families around Massachusetts, and work with some of the region’s best farmers, fishermen and artisans. So we wanted to spend a moment this week giving thanks. Here’s what our team is thankful for when it comes to food this holiday season, and a few of their foodie faves!

Katie, Customer Success Manager
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Pie
Favorite Leftover: Cold pie!

“I’m grateful that my work helps support an industry that places value on the integrity of the food we feed ourselves and our families. By fostering the local food economy, we are able to push back on a system that prioritizes profits over human and animal wellbeing.”

Dan, Head of Recipe Development & Meal Planning
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Cranberry sauce
Favorite Leftover: A turkey sandwich with stuffing, mayo and cranberry sauce. And maybe some gravy. And some mashed potatoes too.

“New England has a great mix of the land and the sea. The seafood we get here is some of the best of the world and being able to pair that with high-quality local produce is a dream come true for home cooks.”

Kevin, Director of Operations
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Potatoes
Favorite Leftover: Potatoes

“I am thankful for the ability to eat food that is produced and grown in a sustainably conscientious way, and for the reduced food miles that eating locally allows for.”

Fredrik, CFO

“As we are going to have lobster on Thanksgiving, I am thankful to be able to eat lobster that is fresh from New England water.”

Jan, Co-Founder & CEO
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Turkey
Favorite Leftover: Pecan pie

“I am thankful for the amazing quality and freshness of local food and most important that together we’re building a local, sustainable food system for the future.”

Katerina, Chief Marketing Officer
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: This will actually be my first Thanksgiving in the U.S. so I am looking forward to exploring this holiday. 

“Since I am from Sweden fresh fish is very important to me. I am thankful to get my fish from Red’s Best, one of our local vendors at Just Add Cooking, and I love the fact that I know who caught my fish and that it is so fresh.”

Rachel, Marketing/Development Intern
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing
Favorite Leftover: Cold pie for breakfast

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to support local farmers and producers who work hard to feed us food whose origin we know. To me, there is nothing like biting into a fresh apple that was picked the same day and hasn’t traveled across the country. Especially since I eat at least one apple every day.”

Amanda, Chief Gastronomic Officer
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: A hybrid of Korean and American cuisine: Kimchi, Bacon and Mushroom Stuffing
Favorite Leftover: Pie, cold and right out of the tin

“I am thankful that I live in a community where there are so many people who take pride in what they do when it comes to growing and producing food. I am fortunate that I get to benefit from their hard work and support them by eating their food.”

Caroline, Product Development Intern
Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Stuffing
Favorite Leftover: Sandwiches made with leftover dinner rolls, mayo, turkey, cranberry sauce, and kale salad.

“I am thankful for the New England food economy and the opportunity to eat locally because it is an environmentally conscientious choice I can make daily and one that supports local jobs in the agricultural sector.”

Resolutions are So Last Year

26714686 2016 signAs we enter a new year, many of us have been noodling away at our list of resolutions. We look at the coming months as a blank slate on which we can write all of our positive aspirations. Turn a new leaf. Change a habit which we have outgrown or adopt a new habit or regime. We think about how we can improve our finances, reduce stress, go on vacation, take a class, explore new job opportunities or find more time for friends and family or leisure pursuits. We resolve to lose weight, eat ‘healthier’, exercise more, and attain that perfect image we have for ourselves.

Our lists can grow so long or become so rigid that we can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. We look for ‘expert’ advice and guidance only to find that there are many ‘experts’ all with differing ideas and agendas. Is it any wonder many of our resolution lists are scrapped by March? How do we enact positive change to make better and lasting choices for ourselves?

It starts with the idea behind the ‘resolution’. What if, instead of dogmatically resolving to ‘lose weight’ or ‘eat healthy’ this year, we soften that up and set an intention to take care of ourselves this year? That could encompass choosing to eat healthier foods, setting aside some ‘me’ time, having a massage, taking a cooking class, going out for a hike, reading a book or taking a dance class; generally anything that makes us feel nurtured, nourished and cared for. Without rules. Without a set end goal in sight. One small step at a time. Instead of saying “I will eat only ‘healthy’ foods” we can soften that to “My desire is to feel good in body and mind”. How we interpret ‘feeling good’ is up to us. Choosing whole, natural foods can definitely be a part of that.

When we set parameters for ourselves it can become discouraging if we stray outside of them. We can chastise ourselves for ‘eating that ice cream’ or ‘missing that workout’. Folks, we’re only human. We have lives that get messy, spill color outside the lines, throw curveballs our way and challenge us even on the best of days. What matters is the commitment. It is easier to commit to something when it helps us to feel good. So when we have those ‘off’ moments (or days) we can roll with them and not become derailed.

If you are resolving to ‘be healthier’ or ‘try something new’ this year, we’d like to help you with that. We can take it at your pace, and introduce new things to you one step at a time. We can even address some of your other intentions, like spending more time with family or learning a new skill. Whatever your resolutions or intentions are for the coming year may yours be healthy, happy and delicious.

Summer Cooking Tips

Summer is the season for barbecues, picnics, beach time, and relaxed, easy cooking. In order to keep summer cooking just that, easy, we have rounded up a few of the most helpful tips that will keep you on track. Follow the tricks below courtesy of Saveur.com to ensure that your summer stays all around relaxed:

Secrets of the Grill: Chicken

Always do two things when grilling chicken: flatten the bird, which helps it cook evenly, and marinate it before throwing on the grill.

Shape Perfect Kebabs

There’s an art to forming kebabs with ground meat. Click to see 3 simple steps will ensure well – formed kebabs that will grill evenly.

Smoke Meats on the Stove

This technique will mean no worrying about the weather or gathering fancy equipment to make your favorite smoked meat or fish dishes.

Core a Head of Iceberg Lettuce in a Hurry

Perfect for tacos, salads, and topping burgers and sandwiches, this is a great technique if you need to prepare a lot of lettuce quickly.

Memorial Day Recipes

Happy Memorial Day weekend! With the official start of summer comes a whole new menu of recipes that we can’t wait to cook and share with family and friends. Below, see our ideas for hour devours, appetizers and entrees for you to enjoy this weekend. Bon appetit!

White Bean and Bacon Dip with Rosemary Pita Chips

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.32.29 PM

Grilled Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.45.33 PM

Chicken with Watermelon, Feta and Arugala (available next week!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.50.15 PM

Two – Potato Salad with Crème Fraiche

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.39.16 PM