Is Local Better?

Boston Local Food Festival logo

Looking forward to this event!

Just Add Cooking will be attending the Boston Local Food Festival on Sunday. Come down and visit with us! There are lots of things to love about this event:

  • It takes place on the vibrant, lovely Rose Kennedy Greenway, which took a site of urban construction and turned it into a beautiful public park.
  • The Festival is a zero-waste event.
  • It’s free!
  • All non-perishable food sold is made from locally sourced products, and the event showcases many farmers, fishers, and foodies who all represent the best of our local food sources.

What is the Local/Locavore Movement?

The locavore movement encourages consumption of food products and ingredients from within a 100 mile radius. We use as many locally sourced ingredients in our meal kits as is feasible.

Why Go Local?

Going local has an impact on your health, the environment, and your local economy. Because food doesn’t have to travel as far, farmers and food preparers can eliminate pesticides and preservatives. The environment incurs less exposure to chemicals used in pesticides, as well as the benefit of fewer gas and exhaust fumes during travel time. Locavores love to support local farmers and food preparers. It’s not easy to be a small farmer, but the locavore movement has contributed to an increase of small farms in the last few years.

Homegrown English Peas

Buy homegrown or locally-sourced when possible. Photo Credit: Idylwilde Farm

How Can I Go Local?

Supporting local farmers’ markets and farm stands, taking advantage of seasonal produce when it is likely to be locally obtained, and paying attention to where your produce comes from. Grocery stores often list the state or country in which produce was grown. Locavores aim to go beyond produce, and also attempt to buy locally-sourced, humanely-raised meats, cheeses, and dairy products as well as prepared foods using locally-sourced options.

The most important lesson a locavore can teach us is that we all have choices when purchasing food. Sometimes convenience may trump personal values. Be an informed, aware consumer.

Use these resources to find likely sources of locally-grown foods in your area:

If you’re at the Festival on Sunday, stop by our booth! We’d love to talk food with you!

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