Local Ingredients for the Week of May 20, 2018

Each week, we strive to include as many local ingredients in our meal kits as possible. This often means we source ingredients just a few days before delivery. If you’re a regular customer, you’ve seen our lists of local ingredients in your box letters. Now, we’ll be publishing the list each week as we source. Please note: ingredient sources are subject to change due to last-minute availability!
  • Organic Arugula from Queen’s Greens in Amherst, MA. – Pork Tonkatsu
  • Organic Baby Spinach from Queen’s Greens in Amherst, MA. – Sichuan Style Tofu and Spinach
  • Organic Carrots from Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, VT. – Vietnamese Noodle Bowl
  • Lettuce Mix from Fresh Box Farm in Millis, MA. – Cauliflower Flatbread
  • Organic Shallots from Blue Ox Farm in Enfield, NH. – Pork Tonkatsu
  • Organic Yellow Onions from Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, VT. – Couscous Marrakech, Squid Puttanesca, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Tagine
  • Spicy Sausage from Bianco and Sons in Medford, MA. – Couscous Marrakech
  • New England Caught Squid from Red’s Best in Boston, MA. – Squid Puttanesca
  • Cage-Free Eggs from Perfect Circle Farm in Barre, VT. – Pork Tonkatsu
  • Greek Yogurt from Green Mountain Yogurt in Brattleboro, VT. – Couscous Marrakech
  • Fresh Mozzarella from Mozzarella House in Peabody, MA. – Cauliflower Flatbread
  • Chili Powder & Sichuan Peppers from The Spice Mill in Manchester, CT. – Sichuan Style Tofu and Spinach
  • Ras El Hanout from The Spice Mill in Manchester, CT. – Sweet Potato and Chickpea Tagine
  • Turmeric from The Spice Mill in Manchester, CT. – Couscous Marrakech
  • Cauliflower Flatbread from Veggie Table Foods in Randolph, VT. – Cauliflower Flatbread
  • Fresh Linguine from Maria’s Gourmet Pasta in Malden, MA. – Squid Puttanesca
  • Ginger Scallion Sauce from FreshZen in Boston, MA. – Vietnamese Noodle Bowl
  • Tofu from 21sr Century Foods in Jamaica Plain, MA. – Sichuan Style Tofu and Spinach

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