Partner Spotlight: Pete & Gerry’s

pete and gerrys

This week we are highlighting a local farm where we source cage-free eggs for many of our recipes: Pete and Gerry’s. Pete and Gerry’s farm is located in Monroe, NH and has been family owned since the 1950s –now operated by CEO, Jesse Laflamme, and his father, Gerry Laflamme. Pete and Gerry’s is one of the only producers on their scale to be 100% cage free, and were the first egg producer to achieve Certified Humane status in 2003. Their commitment to the healthiest, best-tasting and high-quality eggs is possible only through their humane farming practices–which consist of forming relationships with other small family farms and creating a safe, rewarding work environment for their employees. All of the roughly 40 small family farms producing for Pete and Gerry’s must meet Certified Humane standards and pass their regular inspections and audits.

Pete and Gerry’s commitment to sustainability sets it apart from other egg producers. Their loyalty comes from the desire to not only leave a great family business behind, but also to leave the planet, employees, livestock and community better off.

To learn more about Pete and Gerry’s farm, visit their website here.

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