#TacoTuesday Recipe Roundup

Ready to celebrate #TacoTuesday? It’s our favorite day of the week! Taco recipes are simple, convenient and a huge hit with every age. Plus, they’re full customizable for even the pickiest eaters. Today, we’re rounding up our top Just Add Cooking taco recipes that think a bit outside the box to give you some #TacoTuesday inspiration!

Vegetarian Tacos


BBQ Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos

Hearty chickpeas and creamy cauliflower are an excellent blank canvas for Boston’s own Bondat’s custom spice blend. Taste tested from years of grilling and smoking meats, this taco seasoning includes cumin, salt, chili, coriander, garlic, and Mexican oregano. You can count on us to bring local inspiration even to taco night!


Mixed Mushroom Tacos

Just Add Cooking is bringing all the fun of taco night to your dinner table with our fantastic Mixed Mushroom Tacos! Meaty crimini and oyster mushrooms make the base of our taco fillings and are rounded out with some creamy pinto beans. You can pick your own toppings with a fresh slaw, avocado, and tomatoes.


Tofu Crumble Tacos

We’ve reimagined the classic taco with tofu! Tofu is the perfect vehicle for showcasing the warmth and flavor of taco seasoning, and this recipe brings together all your favorite toppings: crunchy iceberg lettuce, tangy monterey jack cheese, spicy pickled jalapenos, and crisp onion.

Fish Tacos


Blackened Monkfish Tacos

In this delicious recipe blackened does not mean burnt! Instead, blackened refers to the flavorful crust that the fish develops when coated in creole seasoning and is then seared. A fresh salsa of jalapeno, pineapple, and lime brightens up the dish and adds a punchy contrast to the spiced fish.


Fish Tacos with Avocado Creme

Taco night comes together in a very tasty way with our distinctive recipe. The lightness of pollack, bright lime, and fresh cilantro, paired with the richness of a homemade avocado creme make for an easy, mouth watering dinner that will satisfy everyone around the table.

Fusion Tacos


Five Spice Pork Tacos

We’re throwing out the rulebook with this recipe for Chinese-inspired tacos. Pork shoulder gets tossed in fragrant five spice seasoning and is then seared until juicy and crisp. Topped with a bright vegetable slaw, sweet chili sauce, and toasted sesame seeds, these tacos bring together the best of two delicious cuisines.


Moo Shu Pork Tacos

Moo shu pork is a dish of northern Chinese origin that is a hot seller in Chinese-American cuisine. This is not your typical takeout moo shu pork, however. For starters you get to make it yourself! Second, we’re crossing borders and using flour tortillas as the vehicle to hold the tasty filling and topping it all with a spicy sriracha mayo.


Spicy Korean Tacos

This Korean-Mexican fusion style meal is inspired from the food trucks of Los Angeles. Our pork gets its spicy kick from gochujang, a Korean red chili paste, and the napa cabbage slaw cools down every bite while adding a bit of crunch.


Thai Beef Tacos

The “holy trinity” of French and Italian cuisine is a trio of vegetables: onions, carrots, and celery. In Thai cuisine the trio is a little different: lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar. These ingredients form the backbone of much of Thai cooking. The funkiness of the fish sauce is balanced perfectly by the sugar and lime juice.

Classic Tacos


Chicken Tinga Tacos

Chicken tinga is a Mexican dish of shredded chicken in a rich tomato sauce brimming with smoky chipotle chilis, aromatic onions, and fresh tomatillos. In our recipe we’re filling warm corn tortillas with the chicken tinga and topping it off with creamy, tangy feta, and crunchy onion.


Classic Beef Tacos

Celebrate this taco Tuesday with our Classic Beef Tacos! This recipe is a comforting family meal that brings together all your favorite taco toppings: crunchy iceberg lettuce, tangy monterey jack cheese, spicy pickled jalapenos, and crisp onion.

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