Watermelon Recipe Ideas

Most of us think of watermelon as a treat, but there’s some good news: aside from being delicious, it’s also extremely good for you. Watermelon is hydrating, reduces inflammation and is even a source of lycopene, an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and may reduce the risk of cancer. So there you have it–the perfect excuse to buy watermelon today!

National Watermelon Day is coming up on Sunday, August 3rd. Most of us enjoy this juicy summer delicacy all on its own–best eaten outside for maximum messiness and minimum cleanup–but if you’ve got some extra to use up, how about some delicious watermelon recipes to celebrate?

watermelon and feta salad

Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad from Just Add Cooking: It’s not just a sweet treat–watermelon complements a salad with salty feta cheese perfectly!

Watermelon Salsa from Southern Living: Salty, spicy and sweet, this salsa combines kalamata olives and jalapenos with juicy watermelon to create a savory dish. Southern Living pairs it with grouper, but we think it would be a great addition to any white fish on the grill!

watermelon soup recipe

Credit: Verses from My Kitchen

Watermelon Margaritas from Cooking Light: It’s only natural to add this refreshing fruit to your cocktails. This is a great poolside option to go along with your Just Add Cooking grilled meals!

Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint Soup from Verses from My Kitchen: A starter that you don’t have to cook? Yes, please. This is a sweet, palate-cleansing way to kick off dinner–kind of like a watermelon gazpacho.

Watermelon Frosty from Running to the Kitchen: Cool down dessert with this icy, fruity treat. (Add a little vodka for an extra kick.)

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